Your performance was mesmerising and magical, and you are just such a joy to be around. I hope we see you again sometime soon. \ Sacha Stewart PR
27 Dec 2013

Dear Friends,

If you're reading this message, it's because at some stage I have had the pleasure of entertaining you in person or vicariously through social media and we have found a mutual love of all things cheeky and glamorous.


This year I fulfilled some fantasies and rode a white disco horse down notorious fashion mecca Chapel Street, danced with my new favourite co-star 'Candy' the Python, performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, and interviewed the adult industry's best on the Eros Shine Awards red carpet, and met many fabulous friends and fans along the way.




Without re-capping too much, it's been an enormous year;  winding up with exciting new adventures like:

Becoming ambassador for the world famous Patron Tequila's latest 'Cafe Dark XO' promotion launch in Australia

Preparations for my forthcoming fashion label Cheeky Glamour launching 2014

and headlining a few exciting national and international burlesque events.

 As the year closes, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my sparkling suspenders and I promise to make 2014 just as exciting. I want to remind you to live it up, dream big, and live big. 


I'll quickly share some of my goals for 2014:

In 2014, I will - Learn the art of meditation and Pilates/Yoga (this is carried over from 2013), travel to Paris (I am yet to visit the city of love), teach more students the art of the tease (I loved passing on my knowledge this year and seeing new artists blossom), finally start a merchandise store (it's been ready for launch for over 12 months), and create a new show like the world of burlesque has never seen before (it has seen a lot, I accept the challenge), contribute more to my blog (SUBSCRIBE here), and for fun continue my spontaneous Slo-Motion Burlesque videos.

I'd love to hear your goals for the year (comment below)... experts say if you tell more people about your goals you're more inclined to achieve them… :)

Until next time, have a safe and happy holiday season and keep being cheeky…

 Love Sina. x 

P.S. I'll be ringing in the new year at Australia's number one burlesque venue Red Bennies, if you want to party with me? 


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Johnny G \ 28 Dec 2013
You have shone a light over the entertainment world of burlesque. Next year I will learn to surf and take my son on a holiday overseas. Keep up the great inspiring work Sina King!
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