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13 Sep 2013
Australian Burlesque Industry Achievement Award 2013

The EROS Shine Awards is the Australian Adult Industry recognised award night, full of glamour and cheeky entertainment.

As a performer of striptease, and after winning Miss Burlesque Australia in 2011, I was awarded the prestigious Eros Shine award - 'Best Australian Adult Industry Trailblazer 2011' award (it's a mouthful) for a "positive impact on the industry and its external perception”.


In 2012, I was thrilled to become an ‘Eros Shine Committee’ member, allowing me some input into the awards. It was from this position that I introduced the very first Australian burlesque industry award. Burlesque may not be X-rated, but it’s most certainly an adults only form of entertainment. It is for this reason that burlesque logically falls under the adult industry banner, and is now recognized as such.

In 2013, the Eros burlesque award has changed slightly from its debut. Originally it was the ‘Best Australian Burlesque Industry Trailblazer’ – for an individual or group who was leading the Australian burlesque industry in a positive direction through their business or art; the award’s new title and description is as follows:

"Australian Burlesque Industry Achievement Award"

Acknowledging the outstanding achievements of a valued individual who has made notable contributions to the Australian Burlesque Industry who:


• Contributed positively to the external perception of the Australian burlesque industry

• Displayed innovation, originality, and quality in their output

• Demonstrated a positive sense of community spirit and acted with honesty & integrity

• Consistently demonstrated professionalism and dedication to their craft

This award creates a chance to look beyond the competition awards and accolades to the individual themselves and their motivation to making our industry better through their actions. With artists, producers, and teachers there are so many people that make an industry yet there are always a few that make it great! This is a chance for our growing industry to recognize those that have continually helped (positively) to make it what it is today.

If you know the person I’m writing about, please nominate them HERE

The top nominees will form a part of the voting process, which will go live to the public in mid-October. The winner will then be confirmed by the committee and awarded on the night of nights:

Thursday 21 November 2013 at 6:00pm - Midnight  

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre



For a complete list of awards and nomination criteria, please click HERE

As industry members, you have the chance to purchase VIP tickets to the red-carpet event by emailing SHINE@EROSSHINEAWARDS.ORG.AU for your reservation booking form. This year promises to be just as, and most likely MORE exciting than 2012, so think quick. These seats always sell out fast and include food and drinks. Alternatively, you can purchase general administration tickets soon.

If you have any questions or comments about the 'Australian Burlesque Industry Achievement Award 2013', please do so below or email to sina@misssinaking.com.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you there!

Love every day,

Sina King, x

p.s. This is a video of last years awards night, watch  HERE




Sina on the red carpet at Eros 2012 



Photo: Sina and Fiona Patten at Eros 2011 



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Miss Tee \ 17 Sep 2013
Congratulations Australian burlesque, lots of us burlesquers in the USA work or have worked as modern-day strippers including most of our best and see it as the same thing. Definitely for adults!
Kelly_C \ 14 Sep 2013
This is fantastic news Sina. I can't see how Australia hasn't recognised burlesque in the adult world until now?
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