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16 May 2012
Being Miss Burlesque Australia
If there is one thing I have learnt from experience it's that: behind every door is another door, and if timing is on your side you will be prepared for the day you open that next door to find a window - a window of opportunity! Winning the Miss Burlesque Australia 2011 competition was definitely an exciting 'door' for me, leading to many more opening in my favour.
The following is an interview with a publication that I adore, Burlesque Bible Magazine (UK), about beginning and finishing my year as reigning Miss Burlesque Australia:
Q. Can you tell us about your experience in burlesque before you applied to Miss Burlesque Australia?

My experience and knowledge of the world of burlesque was very limited, I had watched the film ‘Gypsy‘ as a young child and always wanted to try the career ‘when I grew up,’ however, before the competition I was yet to perform in the burlesque forum. Unconsciously, I had been preparing for this career from the day I saw the ‘Gypsy‘ film. With my passion for dancing, acting, singing, modeling, and the world of sensuality, later coupled with a keen interest in business and marketing, writing, and fashion design, I had acquired the very skills I needed to take on the Miss Burlesque challenge.

Q. What made you apply?

I am a very impatient person and I figured the best way to launch a new career is to start with as much exposure and credibility as possible. Winning a recognized title in any industry immediately makes people aware that you have certain abilities, and that’s what I wanted.

Q. The night you were crowned Miss Burlesque Australia must have been crazy. After all that hard work and anticipation what was it like to actually win?

Absolutely, it was surreal, all of those long months of focus and determination had paid off, and I’d achieved something so many people could have thought to be impossible. It is still one of my favorite moments in my life.

Q. What has the past year been for you? Has it totally changed your life? 

Winning has most definitely changed my life and made me a stronger person, not only because of the outcome but the process of preparation requiring master levels of mental focus, self-belief, organization, and an ability to remain positive and handle pressure. As with many niche competitions, the winner is awarded a one-off monetary or material prize, yet the ongoing support is up to the individual. Basically, you’re on your own. Since winning, my self-guided journey has exposed me to new opportunities and many more lessons.

Q. How does it feel now that you are passing the crown over to someone else?

It feels great to understand what enormous effort the new winner would have put in, and to welcome another to our growing collection of winners. I am sure they will only add to the respect the title already has.

Q. What is the key advice you would like to give to the winner?

The world is your stage… make the most of it.

Q. Who is your burlesque role model and why?

I admire the artists that exercise their pure creativity and create art and entertainment that is uniquely their own, and more so when they have achieved their goals whilst maintaining this level of artistry and integrity.

Q. What are your plans for the coming year and the future in general?

For the remainder of 2012 I plan to continue travelling, collaborating, and creating. I feel there are many more opportunities yet to be realized and I’m working on a new project to facilitate as many as possible as fast as possible; did I mention I was impatient?!

Photo 1: Photographer: Domenic Kieler - Sina King and the 2012 Finalists
Photo 2: Photographer: Domenic Kieler - Newly Crowned
Photo 3: Photographer: Paul Cush - Performing the 'Goddess of Seduction' at the 2012 MBA Grand Final

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