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09 Apr 2013
Burlesque Hall of Fame

It is with great pleasure that I announce... I have been invited to compete at the mecca of burlesque... 'The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend' in steamy Los Vegas, Nevada. With only 10 competitors chosen from around the world in the Best Debut category, it is a massive achievement just to get selected, and I feel very honoured to be a part of the history of this event.


The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend and annual Titans of Tease is the world’s largest, longest-running and most prestigious burlesque event. With four days and nights of live entertainment, vendors, classes and activities, it’s a sexy, fun and exciting fundraiser for the Burlesque Hall of Fame, the only museum of its kind to feature the history and artists of the distinctly modern art form of burlesque.



I will be updating you all on my journey and will endeavour to communicate as often as possible through my accounts on  Twitter , Instagram, and Facebook

 This is me at last year's Burlesque Hall of Fame with my esteemed pals and superstar Aussie  winner of the 'Queen of Burlesque' - Imogen Kelly 


It's going to be so much fun to meet so many new burlesque faces and all of the legends  who will be attending. If you're in the area, or close by, this is an event you will not want to miss! Otherwise, if you're stuck elsewhere, please join me online. Wish me luck!

 See you soon!

Sina x 



Image 1: Burlesque Hall of Fame Official Banner Image

Image 2: Photographer: Matchless Snapshots

Image 3: Private image with Jac Bowie (image owner), Sina King, Holly J'aDoll, Imogen Kelly, Lauren LaRouge, Tiffany Blue and Briana Bluebell. 


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Reept Yimmd \ 23 May 2013
you are the best Sina, good luck!
Galakto Bouricall \ 23 May 2013
kick some burly butt Sina!!
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