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04 Apr 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen,

 It is my absolute pleasure and overwhelming excitement to announce some good news...

I'm now officially the 2nd Australian in history to be invited to compete for the 'Reigning Queen of Burlesque'  Miss Exotic World title at the Burlesque Hall of Fame! (BHoF) This event is such a big deal for the world of burlesque and is often dubbed as the 'Oscars of Burlesque'. To say I'm a little nervous is fair, I'll be joined by the best in the business including eight Americans and one Canadian. I'll be single handedly representing the Southern Hemisphere, haha... oh dear.

 Image: Official BHoF 2015 poster by Santiago PinUps 

I was fortunate to perform on the spectacularly large The Orleans Casino stage in 2013 in the Best Debut Showcase and it was a performance experience that I still haven't topped. If you can imagine a casino theatre filled with over a thousand of the most excited and die-hard burlesque fans from around the world all screaming at the same time; it's so forceful I was convinced my hair and feathers were blowing in the breeze of their breathe. Really loud. Almost shocking at first. 


 Photos: Sina at BHoF 2013 Harman House Photography 

So, I'm heading back for more! Straight after my European Tour I'll be in Vegas for the whole 4 days of non-stop back-to-back burlesque shows. Luckily I only have to perform once, for 4 minutes. That's how long you get to show your own style of creativity, passion, and performance skills, so you can imagine how important every second is, and how entertaining these type of shows can be. The highlight for me is definitely watching and meeting the LEGENDS of burlesque, these are the artists who have paved the way before us performing striptease from the 1950's, including the iconic Tempest Storm.  On one of the four nights, a selection of legends get up on stage and perform their own acts and it's mesmerising and so inspirational.

 Photo: Tempest Storm and Dita VonTeese at BHoF Photo credit: Matilda Temperley Photos

In true Australian Burlesque tradition, no 'other side of the world' BHoF adventure is complete with a little fund boosting incentive as the event is a fundraiser and all participants support their own submissions. So to celebrate tradition I've launched a very exciting collaboration with Canada's leading hyper-realism pin-up artist Nathalie Rattner.  To find out more about the 'Big Cat PinUp Series' series, and perhaps nab your own limited-edition collection, CLICK HERE.

A view of the Pin Up Series of prints on sale HERE

I'll be keeping you all updated on my journey to #BHoF2015 via Instagram or Facebook so be sure to join me. Thank you all for your support over my four years of burlesque, it's gone so fast and I'm still pinching myself. 

Love Every Day, Sina. x


Here's the complete competition lineup, you'll notice 4 MORE AUSSIES listed there, which are fantastic stats for our very far away continent... I'll be cheering on Charlie, Zelia, Alyssa, and Imogen. Go Aussies!!

25th Annual Tournament of Tease (Saturday, June 6) BHoF

Celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Tournament of Tease with the crowning of Miss Exotic World 2015, the Reigning Queen of Burlesque! The TOURNAMENT OF TEASE is a star-studded extravaganza of global burlesque talent, representing the absolute best of that burlesque has to offer. Each year, this breath-taking night of glamour raises the bar for performance, commitment and passion.

In honor of our Silver Anniversary, we’ll be featuring several VERY SPECIAL PERFORMANCES and some INCREDIBLE SURPRISES! Hosted by Armitage Shanks, the Carny Preacher, this will be a night to remember!


Small Groups

Large Groups


Miss Exotic World

Ending the night with a BANG are special step-down performances from…

Best Troupe 2014, The Ruby Revue (Dallas, Texas)!


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