"The alluring queen of cheeky glamour has been crowned… standing firm as one of Australia’s best burlesque talents" \ The Australian Arts Portal
01 May 2014

This is a rare opportunity to learn from one of Australia's greatest burlesque artists.

"If you want to become a better burlesque performer, then you’ll take something valuable away from Sina's course" - House of Burlesque 

Where & When:  

Venue, dates, and cities to be confirmed.

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This course is limited to 10 per class, this way we can guarantee everyone gets the attention they need no matter what experience level. There is something to learn from everyone's individual lesson and the response to Sina's style of mixed-level classes has been phenomenal. Previously classes have attracted circus artists, vetenerians, ballroom dancers, actors, singers, secretaries, CEOs, and of course burlesque artists.


Recently returning from the biggest burlesque stage in the world, Sina King showed the world what she was made of at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2013 - Las Vegas!

Sina earned the competitive title 'Miss Burlesque Australia 2011' to standing ovation, taking out the national title and proving her natural ability to create, produce, and perform. Sina's pioneering passion was further acknowledged by the prestigious Eros Shine Award 'Best Australian Adult Industry Trailblazer 2011' as recognised by the industry as the leading individual to push the boundaries and innovate the future of their sector.  This last title saw Miss King invited to create and introduce the first adult industry burlesque award 'Best Australian Burlesque Industry Trailblazer Award 2012'.

With 15 years of performance training and certified dance teacher (CSTD) experience, followed with a decade of improvisational work and stage time, Sina has developed a style that is complex on the inside yet fluid on the outside. 

"Sina is the best burlesque performer I've seen" - Ron Jeremy 

"I loved everything about her show and I want more" Danni Minogue 

"Sina King is a firecracker" - Burlesque Bible UK


What You’ll Learn:

With her impromptu style and passion for teaching, Sina will work with the individual students and their questions and goals as well as cover the following:

Sensuality & Tease: Known as The Royal Captivator, Miss King knows how to make the crowd beg for more; learn audience interaction and engagement, poise and presence, timing and titillation and the essence of seduction.

Character Development: Such a valuable part of the class. Learn from the chameleon herself, how to indulge in different characters; acting for the stage, discovering your strengths, the importance of versatility, confidence is the key.

Choreography and Props: You don’t need years of training to learn the recipe for an exciting show; discover how to put it all together, what to use and when, develop techniques to make impacting performances, and individual performance skills.

Showgirl Style: A lot of burlesque stages are quite modest, however, sometimes we get asked to entertain on a 20 meter-wide stage (like in all Las Vegas Casinos), Sina will teach the difference between the two and get you ready for the BIG TIME that could come your way! Remember: It's important to be able to fill the stage, no matter what size.

Stage Presence: Can this be taught?...  You'll have to come along to find out.

Performer Professionalism: This is just as important as being a great performer; learn dos and don’ts, etiquette for the dressing room, liaising with producers, social media smarts, and impressive presentation. Be as great on stage as you are off stage. Includes competition etiquette too for those interested.


As yet, Miss King has only held classes in Sydney (2011) and Melbourne, so this is a rare opportunity to learn from Australia’s queen of Cheeky Glamour.

Check her out here: www.misssinaking.com



If you're a dance/burlesque school owner, and would like to discuss hosting your city's event, please email management@misssinaking.com to discuss.




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