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26 Sep 2012

They say 'seeing is believing'... Throughout my life the main element that has helped me achieve my goals is believing. There are many theories about the power of visualisation, the belief that  mental practice can get you closer to where you want to be in life and prepare you for success, and these are some of my personal experiences with the theory;


Growing up as a young teen I always had a fascination with glamour and modeling. I only had a few idols and one of them was the infamous supermodel Cindy Crawford. Every time I saw her image I would get a feeling of admiration come over me and I imagined with all my might that one day I could do what she does.

At thirty years of age I realized that I had never tried any modeling and if I was going to have a go I would need to start right away; so without any preparation or hesitation I entered a national swimwear competition and won my heat, flew interstate two weeks later and competed for the national title where I placed second (by a one point difference) in Australia! As part of my prize I had my very first photo shoot for the annual calendar (pictured above), which was styled and directed and shot by an amazing team of glamour industry leaders. I just did what I was asked and was surprised at what I had achieved.

A year later I was browsing the net and wanted to track down the Cindy Crawford for PETA poster that I pinned up in my wardrobe as a young girl and I stumbled across an image that looked familiar. The photo wasn’t the one I was looking for but I felt like I had seen it before. It then dawned on me that it was like an image from MY shoot!  Once I saw the two images side-by-side I had a moment… I had dreamed so vividly what it would be like to grow up and take glamorous pictures and over a decade later my dream came true! 

*More Ralph ASMY competition images here


From as early as I can remember I had a natural passion for dance and theatrical performance. I first stepped onto a stage at six years of age and continued in that pattern for many years. One afternoon, I was watching an old Hollywood film on television. I would have been around eleven years of age, and I remember this moment very clearly; a film called ‘Gypsy’ was playing and the title character was a young girl who performed in vaudeville for many years and when she became a young lady she turned into the most famous burlesque star that ever lived! The way Gypsy strutted around the stage dripping in glamour and charming her audience all by herself was the coolest thing I had ever seen. ‘That’s what I want to do when I grow up!’ I thought to myself, knowing it was a little cheeky for my age. Years passed and my time on the stage had gradually taken a back seat as I pursued a career wearing a suit. I fantasized about my solo career as an entertainer, though it seemed like the dream would remain just that as I had stopped all formal training for a decade! In 2010 I heard about the ‘Miss Burlesque Australia’ competition and something in me snapped, “it’s now or never” my mind prodded.

It took six months of solid determination and preparation before I made my burlesque debut at the state heats. I came second and was awarded a Wild Card to the national finals. Three weeks later I WON! I was crowned ‘Miss Burlesque Australia 2011’. My childhood dream came to life and I’m so glad I didn’t give up. 

*More Miss Burlesque Australia competition images here 



After a series of achievements in the burlesque world, I was nominated in two categories at the Australian adult industry awards: ‘Eros Shine Awards’ (www.erosshineawards.org.au). As a result I was invited to perform at the annual event. Following the awards in the lead up to the event I came across an image of what I thought was one of the awards (pictured above left) so in keeping with my usual pattern I saved the image as my phone screen saver where I could see it every day and ideally manifest it into my life. On the night of the awards I was back stage after my performance and realized the winners of the categories I was nominated in had already been announced and it wasn't me. ‘Oh well’, I thought, everything happens for a reason. The night was heading to an end and the final award of the night was the ‘Best Adult Industry Trailblazer Award’ for one individual or business in the entire industry that was seen by industry leaders to be paving the way in their chosen sector and doing it their own way. The stage manager asked for me side of stage and before I knew it I heard my name and I was making an acceptance speech! When I got home I had a moment… I put my stunning award down and plugged my phone in to charge; it lit up and there was the photo of what I then realized was not for my nominated categories but the biggest award of the night shining right next to the actual ‘Trailblazer’ award… the only difference was it had my name engraved on it!

 *More Eros Shine Awards images here 


Love Sina x 






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Petra \ 23 Dec 2016
You are 35 by now?? I thought you're in your midtwenties... Your biography is absolutly inspiring to me, since I always thought I'm 'too old' to start my dreams (especially my dance-related dreams...), even when I was really young. And I always thought things need a loooong time until you're actually able do it professionally - but you show it, if you you are born for this, it doesn't necessarily take years to get into it... You definitly arer born to do this! I'm following you on instagram, you're my favourite show girl/burlesque artist ever. I hope I can come to Australia one day and see your show. Much love <3
Bernie E \ 10 Oct 2012
Thanks for sharing your truly inspirational personal experiences Miss.Sina. Looking forward to future blogs
JellyBean \ 06 Oct 2012
Wow! Very inspiring Sina. I am visualizing meeting you one day...
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