I have worked with such prominent international artists as KD Lang, Jessie J, John Mayer, and Katherine Jenkins. Also I've produced concerts and events for leading Australian entertainers such as David Campbell, Rob Mills, Bert Newton, and Rhonda Burchmore. Having had the privilege of working with Sina King over the last six years, it has been a pleasure to watch her rapidly develop as a brilliant artist and performer. Sina has a classical sense for showmanship and contemporary expression, all combined with an intriguingly seductive persona that captivates any adult crowd. I would recommend Sina to perform at your event, showcase, or entertainment spectacle as her beauty, versatility, and creativity is certain to leave an audience screaming for more. \ PJ Lane

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01 Mar 2013
Living in a Fantasy World


Everyone dreams... though sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming when I'm awake. I've always believed actions speak louder than dreams, so I decided to make my fantasy of riding a white horse in a busy street a reality. 

A grand idea developed from my passion for disco and the research into one of the most famous discotheques that ever lived - Studio 54. In 1977, the living fashion icon Bianca Jagger rode atop a real white horse at Studio 54 which coincided with her birthday celebration. It was the following photo snapped at the occasion that ended up taking the media by storm and launched the new 'Studio 54' into the stratosphere of legendary.

 I'm a very passionate producer and performer, and in deciding the best way to spread the word about my latest Studio 54 inspired production Burlesque 54, the idea was immediate and unchangeable.


Leading up to the promotion event I met the beautiful horse 'Sally' (who we nick-named 'Disco Sally') and was immediately comfortable and excited. 'Disco Sally' is coincidentally a Studio 54 reference too if you're in the know.


On the day, the media arrived to snap shots, and fellow promoters and fans joined me in the disco parade lap of the iconic fashion strip Chapel Street as the public joined in dancing and taking photos, Burlesque 54 promo disco CDs were played in the local shops, and vintage muscle cars drove in the procession.  We all paused outside the Burlesque 54 launch event venue Red Bennies (the best burlesque venue in Australia) where the music was pumping from the windows and Sally and I were dancing.


It was a fantastic day, spreading the burlesque love and disco love...  It just goes to show you, fantasies can come true, if you make them! ;)

 Love Sina.  x

 p.s. A big thank you to all of the wonderful friends and fans that came along for the adventure. It is a day I will cherish for ever. 


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smokeypipemenz \ 18 Mar 2013
You live in my fantasy world Sina!
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