I have worked with such prominent international artists as KD Lang, Jessie J, John Mayer, and Katherine Jenkins. Also I've produced concerts and events for leading Australian entertainers such as David Campbell, Rob Mills, Bert Newton, and Rhonda Burchmore. Having had the privilege of working with Sina King over the last six years, it has been a pleasure to watch her rapidly develop as a brilliant artist and performer. Sina has a classical sense for showmanship and contemporary expression, all combined with an intriguingly seductive persona that captivates any adult crowd. I would recommend Sina to perform at your event, showcase, or entertainment spectacle as her beauty, versatility, and creativity is certain to leave an audience screaming for more. \ PJ Lane
06 Sep 2014

Finally, a festival tour! It's been on my bucket list for a while now to perform at the wonderful international burlesque festivals around the world. As an Aussie, it takes much preparation and planning as we're a little further away from it all. In true 'Australian traveller' style, we like to visit as many countries and cities as we can. "If I'm going to sit still for 24 hours just to get there, I had better make it worth the trip" is kind of the attitude we have.


So the itinerary begins with the 12th Annual New York Burlesque Festival. This is an incredible place to start, as it's the longest running burlesque festival in the world. You only get to see the cream of the crop at each festival, and New York is one of the strongest beating hearts of the modern world of burlesque. I'm looking forward to sharing the stage with my fellow Aussie superstars Imogen Kelly (Miss Exotic World 2012) and show-stopper Kelly Ann Doll. Another highlight will be the all-star cast including, just to name a few heros; Michelle L'Amour (Chicago icon and Miss Exotic World 2005), Jo Boobs (Head Mistress of The NY School of Burlesque), Tigger! (The Original King of Boylesque), Murray Hill, Mr Gorgeous, Angie Pontani  (Miss Exotic World 2008), The Schlep Sisters, and Gal Friday. I've never wanted to share a stage so badly in my career as I have with that of the New Yorkers. 



Next stop, I'll be giving myself a two day time-out... (that's right my first time off producing/performing in over a year) to Paris. I haven't visited the City of Light before and I cannot wait! I look forward to visiting their iconic museums, showgirl shows, and architecture. I regret not listening to that 'Learn French' audio CD I bought 10 years ago. The only phrase I have learnt is "Je suis perdu(e)"... which means 'I'm lost!'... hopefully I won't need to use it. Wish me luck.


After a few baguettes, I'll be flying to one of my favourite cities in the world... Berlin! This will be my third visit to the city declared by their mayor "poor but sexy", however it will be my first time stepping on to a German stage. It's an absolute honor to be chosen as festival headliner alongside the Japanese super star Erochica Bamboo (Miss Exotc World 2003). Each festival has several days of events and activities. On the Friday, I'll be holding a burlesque masterclass and sharing my best tips for performing and teasing. ;)



Last stop, but not least, will be the cultural, media, political, and economic centre of Sweden... Stockholm! Just looking at the pictures of this city is enough to say you like it. I hope to listen to ABBA whilst dancing on an IKEA table and drinking Absolut Vodka, too cliché?... Perhaps. I know I don't have Kangaroo hopping down my street whilst I cook shrimp on a BBQ, but you never know. I might have to get tips from their famous and fierce MC, none other than Australia's own Reuben Kaye, he'll know  the best way to spend time in any city being such a well-travelled star of the stage. 



After a jam-packed 3 weeks of travel I'll head straight home to Australia to kick off the next run of my beloved disco infused stage production Burlesque 54 in tropical Far North Queensland, Cairns... details about that soon.



 If you have any tips and tricks for my travels, please comment below. Thanks for keeping in touch, and for being awesome. 

Until next time, stay cheeky and keep dreaming.

 Love Sina  x


For all tour enquiries and opportunities to work with Sina please contact management@misssinaking.com 


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