Snake Charmer - Real Snake Dance

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Snake Charmer - Real Snake Dance

An Event Highlight

A crowd favourite. Sina has performed with her co-star the python for over 5 years around Australia. What the crowd enjoys most is the confidence that she displays as they dance together. It's always a magical sight and all care is taken to protect the animal and ensure everyone is comfortable. The snake is often a mysterious, mesmerising, and sometimes misunderstood creature; After the performance, you can request an option for your guests to meet, ask questions, and have photos with Sina and her Snake. Themes: There are many snake charming shows to choose from. Gatsby, Dusk til Dawn, Black Magic Woman, Goddess, Burlesque, 80s rock chic, Jungle Queen, Don't bite the Apple Eve, and Pure Glamour. Please let us know more about your event and we can recommend the right show. Featured Video: Jungle Queen. Sina dances with her python co-star. Music can be Pre-Recorded or with 5 Piece Band This video is available for download for promotional purposes. Please contact management for access. Thanking you.

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