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Fab & Fearless with Sina King - Melbourne

12 Aug 2017

How to Win at Life and Captivate People

Hello Goddess! You’ve arrived. Are you ready to let go of your dream-blocking fears and take a confident step towards becoming the best feminine version of yourself?...

Australia’s Queen of Cheeky Glamour is going to show you how to be fabulous and fearless, whilst having fun doing it of course! After many years of studying the art of mindset and traveling the world as an award-winning showgirl and mentor, Miss Sina King is going to share the secrets of her success.

Tapered to your own life, Sina will pass on vital lessons to help you get where you want to go with purpose. You don’t have to be a dancer, or a performer, you just need to have the desire to enhance your life.

Unique to this course, Sina will guide you through exciting burlesque techniques that intertwine with the teachings, ensuring your new skills are committed to memory for your post-course adventures ahead.


This Special 5 Hour Interactive Course includes:


Dance and Movement

Things everyone needs to know about moving confidently, and being aware of your body language, and what it means. Move throughout your life like a goddess, captivate with your radiance.


Confidence Creator

Confidence starts within, and that’s where we’re going to start the groundwork for bringing out your best self and sharing it with the world.


Finding your Fierce Femininity

We’ll be taking femininity to it’s highest level and then some. Every woman has it… you’re going to be shown how to find it, and unleash it.


Living the Dream

Skills without purpose can go unused, so we’ll be working on your mindset towards achieving your goals; unblocking fears, proven visualisation techniques, and tips on how to work towards your dreams every day.


A private performance from Sina King

Sina will demonstrate her teachings in an exciting visual performance. It’s also fun watching Sina in action.


A signed photograph and keyring 

A photo of your choice, signed with a personal message from Miss King.


Light Snacks Provided


This course will be held in a studio environment and contains both theoretical and practical activities. All women 18+ are welcome, and no experience necessary.


What to Pack:

Wear something fitted and comfortable - leggings and a top are ideal, comfortable footwear or barefoot/ socks, a jacket/ cardigan, a pen and notebook, deodorant, water bottle. Hair and makeup is not necessary though always welcome if you choose.


Parking and Access:

FREE Street Parking available, check signs for any restrictions. 

Access: Enter via bluestone laneway. Class is in the first studio. Wheelchair access. 

If you have any further questions please email management@misssinaking.com


Visit Sina’s Personal Social Media Pages: CLICK HERE


Facebook Event Page: CLICK HERE

If you have any further questions please email management@misssinaking.com


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Bottoms Up Dance Studio

3 Pitt Street

Brunswick, VIC 3055 

Doors open
12pm - 5pm
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$179.00 inc Booking Fee
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